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Cupping Treatment


Therapeutic Cupping has been around for centuries.  Different cultures used cupping for a multitude of purposes. As massage therapists we are utilizing the cups' suction for the purpose of manipulating soft tissue.

This is done by applying cups to specific areas of the body that have been identified as not functioning optimally.

The severity of suction is customized by the therapist and the patient's needs. 


 What to expect during and after treatment

During your treatment, your therapist will be communicating with you on the comfort/discomfort level of the applied cups. Most people find the cups a mixture of soothing/relaxing to possibly a burning or uncomfortable sensation.  It is very important to have an open dialog with your therapist so that optimal outcomes are achieved.  Once the cup is applied it can be left in a specific area or moved across the skin.  The top muscle layer and connective tissue is drawn up into the cup helping to increase blood flow and promote healing.  It can help break down adhesions, scar tissue and helps the muscle to become more pliable, thus releasing tension.

During or post treatment it is normal to see marks on the skin.  These can range from a light pink to a dark purplish colour.  These are all normal reactions.  They can sometimes be tender to the touch and can last for 5 to 14 days. This is caused by the surface blood vessels expanding from the suction.

Treatable Conditions

- Muscle Tension

-Frozen Shoulder

-Plantar Fasciitis


-Tension Headaches

-Scar Tissue

-Low Back Pain

-Muscle Restriction

- Lymphatic Drainage Issues

- IT Band Syndrome

-Piriformis Syndrome

- Parasympathetic Nervous system stimulated

to help deal with stress and anxiety

If you are interested in learning more about cupping and whether it is right for you, please speak directly to your massage therapist.


30 minute session = 60

45 minute session = 80

60 minute session = 100

Please note that cupping is the same fee as massage therapy and can be used in conjunction with a massage therapy treatment.

To book a cupping treatment please use the following

Email -

Phone - (905) 960-3260

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