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Theo Andronikou

  After 20 years of being an electrician, I had a workplace accident. I fell 50' feet in a wind turbine fracturing most bones on the right side of my body. After endless hours of different treatments, I gave up ridding myself of pain. I then had an opportunity to choose a different career. I chose massage therapy to learn how to fix myself. In doing this I learned how to rid myself of much of my chronic pain. After learning about how the body works, I  was able to understand and learn many different techniques to help with my recovery.

Since becoming a massage therapist I try to bring my healing experience and knowledge to all that I treat.

Specializing in deep tissue, joint mobilization, remedial exercises and the use of PNF technique allows me to successfully treat a wide array of issues.


If you wish to book an appointment with Theo Andronikou please use the following contact information

Phone : (647) 869-7233

Email :

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