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Kim Underwood

    I was first introduced to massage therapy over 25 years ago when working with horses. Seeing the immediate difference that massage made in the physical and mental well being of these animals was remarkable. I started to explore the possibility of going back to school to further my knowledge in human massage therapy. Fast forward a couple of decades and I am still amazed at the benefits I see today. I am incredibly fortunate and honoured to have such an dedicated clientele.

    In August of 2020 amongst the chaos and uncertainty of the COVID pandemic a new chapter of my career blossomed. Total Health and Wellness Clinic opened. In an ever changing world it is my goal to provide clients with a safe environment where they can relax and enjoy the benefits massage therapy has to offer. 

     I am looking forward to sharing this exciting adventure with new and returning clientele. A thank you to all, for ensuring me with your health.


If you wish to book an appointment with Kim Underwood  please use the following contact information.

Phone or Text - (905) 960 - 3260

Email -

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